Tiered Wholesale Pricing

One thing that differentiates us from a lot of other online wholesalers is that we're direct importers of everything we wholesale. That means we're not middle men, jobbers, or re-sellers of other people's goods. We design, manufacture, import, and stock almost everything you see on our website.

As such, our scale allows us to offer you a better quality product for the prices that you're paying. To achieve the economies of scale we require, we have to manufacture more units, and keep more inventory in stock. While we supply many small boutiques and independent retailers, in order for us to really start moving units, we have to supply larger retailers as well as regional and national chains.

This is why we implemented our "Good, Better, and Best" Tiered Wholesale Pricing model. It allows us to fairly address the needs of both our smaller boutiques and our larger retailers, while also helping us manage our inventory more effectively.

Here's How it Works

For every style that we sell, we usually offer an assortment of different colors. For each style, you have the option to buy by color, or you can buy the entire color assortment pack. Prices will vary depending on how many units you buy. Depending on how many units & colors you buy for each style, we offer the following 4 price breaks:

TierUnitsStyleColorPrice Level
Tier 1 1 Pack 1 Style 1 Color Good Price
Tier 2 2 Packs or More 1 Style 1 Color Better Price
Tier 3 Half Box 1 Style All Colors Even Better Price
Tier 4 Full Box or More 1 Style All Colors Best Price!